Wedding Policy

Augustine United Church welcomes all who wish to celebrate marriage in a Christian setting.

Setting the Date

Weddings or covenants are booked through the church office. Times are set on a “first come, first served” basis. Once you have checked availability of the sanctuary, please meet with the Minister. The date is considered confirmed when you have met with the Minister who will officiate at your ceremony and have forwarded a nonrefundable booking deposit of $100 to Augustine United Church (this deposit is applied toward your total fees).


All arrangements will be made with the officiating Minister. A church wedding is a service of worship and all that is done or said, played or sung, should be in keeping with the Christian Faith.

Marriage Preparation

It is our policy that some form of marriage/covenant preparation takes place before the ceremony. This will be arranged with the Minister and may take various forms: a series of interviews with the Minister; participation in a pre-marital counseling seminar; or other appropriate forms of preparation.


After you have made arrangements with the Minister, the Music Director will be pleased to assist with the selection of appropriate music for your wedding. The Music Director is able to provide hymn choices, soloists and options for instrumental music (please note that the involvement of additional musicians will involve additional fees).The Music Director should be contacted at least two months prior to your wedding, preferably as soon as your date is set, and can be reached through the church office. Use of musicians outside our congregation should be arranged with the Music Director.

Legal Requirements

You will require a Vital Statistics “Marriage License and Registration of Marriage” form which can be obtained from Vital Statistics, 254 Portage Avenue or from jewelry or florist shops. Please bring your “Marriage License and Registration of Marriage” form to the church office no later than one week prior to your wedding. Please note that it is now the policy of Vital Statistics that a copy of this form will not be given to the couple. Couples needing proof of marriage may apply to Vital Statistics for a marriage certificate.


Pictures may be taken as you enter and leave, and may be posed at the front of the church after the service is over. Please ensure that no photographs of any kind are taken during the wedding service, either by your guests or a wedding photographer. Videotaping is allowed from a fixed position using available light only.


The church does not supply bulletins for wedding ceremonies.

Flowers, Candles and Decorations

We have various candelabra available that can be viewed by contacting the church office. It is our policy that only dripless candles may be used in weddings; if dripping candles are used, an automatic deduction of $40 will be retained from your maintenance deposit. The office has a small selection of dripless candles that can be purchased for $1.50 each.

Floral arrangements should arrive when the church is opened, two hours before the wedding. Having the caretaker open the building at other times may require an additional fee for his service.

No confetti is to be used inside or outside on church property.


The Guild Hall is a carpeted, wheelchair accessible room equipped with a kitchen and washrooms. For further information, please contact the church office administrator.


Please note that the Minister does not normally attend wedding receptions.

Wedding Costs                     $700

This fee includes honoraria for the minister, organist and caretaker and use of the Sanctuary. Soloists are available in consultation with the organist for an additional fee.

Reception Hall                      $145

Use of Guild Hall, Red Cross Room and Kitchen

Maintenance Deposit         $250

The church requires a maintenance deposit of $250.00. This is to cover repairs or extra cleaning that are beyond the normal use of the building. Under normal circumstances, this will be refunded shortly after the wedding.

In order to book your wedding, we require a booking deposit of $100 (this is applied towards your total fees and is not refundable in case of cancellation). The Total fees and the maintenance deposit are due one month in advance of the wedding date.

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