Augustine United Church was founded in 1887 and moved into its present building in 1903. It was once a large, active Presbyterian congregation of mainly middle- and upper-income families living south of the Assiniboine River. In its heyday, the sanctuary, including the balcony, was filled several times on Sunday for multiple worship services. In 1925, many Presbyterian churches, including Augustine, joined with Methodist, Congregationalist and Union Churches to form The United Church of Canada.

Always mission minded, Augustine became a haven for hippies in the 1960s and, to the dismay of its neighbors, operated a “feed in” for transient youth. In the 70s, Augustine took on the identity of the “Village Church,” seeking to reflect the light of Christ in the rapidly changing demographics of Osborne Village, and becoming an inner-city ministry. In 1995 it became the first Affirming church, welcoming people of all sexual orientations as equal participants in all aspects of life, work and worship. Augustine’s membership is smaller than it was in 1903, but it seeks to be a diverse spiritual community, embodying many gifts and seeking God’s realm of peace and justice.

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