Funeral Policy

Augustine United Church is open to all who require support in dealing with the death of loved ones.  Empowered by its faith in the promise of resurrection, the Church confronts the reality of death, consoles the bereaved, and offers thanks to God for the gifts of life.  These notes of grief, hope and thanksgiving sound forth in a Christian funeral service.

Pastoral Care Before and After the Funeral

The Church’s ministry at the time of death does not begin or end with the funeral service.  Death is a time of transition for both the dying and those who are suffering bereavement.  The Church needs to be with the people in special ways during this time of pain and grief.  It is a time of listening and of calling forth the spiritual resources of all who are undergoing this experience.

The Church has a ministry with the bereaved to perform after the funeral.  The bereaved need continuing comfort and sympathy in their grief and assistance in their entry into the changed circumstances of their life.  The custom of a reception immediately following a funeral helps with the return to normalcy.  Regular pastoral visits, arranging contact with others who have had a similar experience, and the invaluable ministry of close friends all help.

The Presider and the Funeral Director

Both the Minister and the Funeral Director have areas of well defined responsibility.  In the Church, the Minister is familiar with the space and how the event will proceed.  In the funeral chapel, the Funeral Director will possess this understanding and will therefore have valuable advice to offer.

The content of the service is the responsibility of the Presider, who works in conjunction with the family and is responsible for communicating decisions to the Funeral Director.


All information pertaining to the funeral is to go through the Office Administrator or Minister of the Pastoral Charge.

  1. All arrangements are to be made through the Minister of the Pastoral Charge. These include the time and date of the service, the order of service, the choice of hymns and the participation of others (laity, clergy, musicians).
  2. The Minister of the Pastoral Charge will preside over, or arrange for all services held within the bounds of the Pastoral Charge.
  3. The casket will be closed for the service.

The Family

Family members are encouraged to sit in the front pews of the Church or Chapel rather than in a separate “family room”.  They are properly members of the congregation and belong in it as full participants in the liturgy allowing the congregation to lend its support and sharing of grief.

Hymns, Anthems, and Accompaniment

The use of hymns in the service is encouraged.  The hymns of a funeral service ought to express both grief and hope.

Music Ministry in the Church is available to assist the Minister and family in selecting music, providing soloists, or involving the choir when available.

Flowers and Memorial

People are accustomed to expressing their sympathy by sending flowers.  Alternative modes of expression at Augustine might be donations to Augustine United Church, the Oak Table Community Ministry, or other projects in the church.

Funeral Fees         $425

This fee includes honoraria for the minister, organist and caretaker.  Soloists are available in consultation with the organist for an additional fee.

Reception Hall

Use of Guild Hall, Red Cross Room and Kitchen are offered free of charge.

Donations for the use of facilities are always welcome, but not required.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.
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